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The call to adventure ...

Helping others on their journey through life can be a humbling path. As a homeopath you play a remarkable role in your patient’s life; you may be helping them recover from abuse, find their feet after a divorce or heal a broken heart from any kind of loss. In any circumstance you’re there, whether they have a cold, an undiagnosed lump or a broken arm – you will have a remedy for that.

Helping you say ‘yes’
to your adventure

Becoming a homeopath is a call to another kind of adventure - a way to help others. But first you must go on your own journey. A journey to discover your own humanity. A journey to find your own hero. At THC we do more than teach homeopathy, we assist you on your own journey of discovery.

“The Homeopathy College changed my life. They gave me a new vista on life and now I look and feel 20 years younger and have the skills to help others do the same. I have a new life of health, energy, radiance and the joy to pass it on.”

Adele McVeigh (Graduate)

your transformation

We believe you learn the most when you’re having fun.

Practicing a sense of humour at college sets you up for going into  practice. When you’re a homeopath taking life too seriously can drag you down. That’s why our teaching material can be honest, yet fun or funny all at the same time. The video above is an except from a 4th year class talking about how homeopaths help others go on a Hero’s’ Journey, and an honest, tongue-in-cheek look at the Homeopath’s Adventure.

Supporting you
on your journey within

During the course you’ll change, your needs will change and most likely your understanding of yourself will change - don’t worry, there’s a remedy for that. We firmly believe in practicing what we preach and we strongly advise you to seek homeopathic treatment while you’re in college. We even have a homeopath on site every weekend to ensure you have the help when you need it. And we have a list of other homeopaths for you to choose from.

“I was drawn to homeopathy for reasons unknown and never realised what an inspiring and life changing experience studying would be. The words ‘don’t’ and ‘fear’ are not part of our learning.”

“If you are looking for a challenge, fun, laughter and tears plus a life changing experience, this is the course to take.”


Making the
complicated, simple

The concept of the Homeopath’s Adventure is taken from Joseph Campbell’s monolith, called the Hero’s Journey which is the exploration of humanity’s quest to find their own inner hero and to return home to tell of what they have found and how they will use it.

The hero is introduced in his ORDINARY WORLD where he receives the CALL TO ADVENTURE.  He is RELUCTANT at first to CROSS THE FIRST THRESHOLD where he eventually encounters TESTS, ALLIES and ENEMIES.

He reaches the INNERMOST CAVE where he endures the SUPREME ORDEAL.  He SEIZES THE SWORD or the TREASURE and is pursued on the ROAD BACK to his world.  He is RESURRECTED and transformed by his experience.  He RETURNS to his ordinary world with a treasure, or ELIXIR to benefit his world.

"I have loved my time at the college from the very first day I felt privileged to be there and study this fascinating subject. It has been a roller coaster experience for me because it has pushed me to travel further afield and go into situations that at one time would have been impossible for me to do. I have gained a tremendous amount of confidence from the course and I can honestly say that it has been one of the more helpful experiences of my life."

Jane Twibey