5 Sample college lessons - The Homeopathy College

7 Main areas of study

Remedy pictures

To facilitate your own unique insight into homeopathic remedies, we study the classic remedy pictures from the inside out: understanding the core soul of the remedy first and then, key behaviours, pathologies, physical generals and modalities. Remedies covered are both traditional homeopathic remedies, as well as a very unique insight into the ‘New Remedies’.

AP&P - The body speaks the mind

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (AP&P) is a key subject in understanding the human body and its reaction to trauma, change and life events in general. Along with the working of the human anatomy,  we share our understanding of common pathologies and how the body is really expressing the mind. This new insight of both common and complex pathologies brings clarity to both your case-taking and analysis.

Methods of prescribing

We study all the major methods of prescribing from classical to therapeutics to the layers method. Our aim is to empower you to find the best method to suit your case, it is not for us to impose a method of practicing upon you, but instead encourage you to widen your scope of prescribing and find your own way forward in each case.

Nutrition and the mind’s diet

Along with understanding the most damaging thoughts for the body system we also explore the food we put into the body and which ones support or pull down the energy of the key organs, the endrocrine system and in doing so create disease.

Esoteric homeopathy

To study esoteric homeopathy is to delve deeply into the cause and effect of life’s choices. This approach has become known as ‘Evolutionary Homeopathy’, which emphasises a patient’s life course and purpose rather than a more classical homeopathic objective to find a ‘cure’.

Miasms and maintaining causes

Understanding chronic disease allows you, the prescriber to assist your patients in clearing up hidden psychological negative influences. Once miasms are understood, homoepathy makes sense. We’ve honed our ability to explain this philosophy simply.

The compassionate prescriber

Our ultimate aim is to help you create a successful and rewarding practice. We explore ways in which to enhance the practitioner’s and the patient’s experience at every stage of the consultation. We offer advice for maintaining strong boundaries in practice, and explore ways to navigate either the psychological implications or hands-on business needs of becoming a successful homeopath.

We’re always here for you

Student support

Our student support is second to none; at every training weekend we have dedicated members of our team on hand to offer support and guidance for your learning journey. We also offer homeopathic support when needed and advise all students to seek a good homeopath to work with as the study deepens.

Fun learning environment

We believe you learn the most when you’re having fun.
Our curriculum is as fun as it is varied, as it is cutting edge.

Flexibility - Learn in your way

We employ a compassionate teaching model that monitors your progress in respect to individual learning styles. You might learn best by  listening, reading, writing,  observing or experiencing by doing. We all have a personal preference. We’ll help you find the way that suits you best and use this as a measure of your success.

Which really means if writing is not your preference we won’t set lots of written tests and make that your main benchmark for success. It might also mean we’ll provide extra support when you write up your graduation cases. It doesn’t mean we’ll let you off the hook. We have standards to uphold. But we’ll support you in reaching them.