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10 reasons to study with us


Our four year Licentiate Homeopathy part time programme, is fully validated by The Homeopathy Course Providers Forum Validation Scheme.  You’ll qualify with a Licentiate in Homeopathy (L.H.C.) the main professional qualification in homeopathy that equips you to practice as a homeopath and enroll with the professional homeopathy registers.


Decades of homeopathic wisdom is shared in inventive ways that encourage deeper understanding and personal insights that makes learning fun and easy to absorb.


When knowledge is experienced, it is deeply remembered and has the potential to change us.  We emphasise experiential learning and development in 3 main areas:
Person healing - to help you become a great practitioner
Practical application - learn by using homeopathy right from the start
Presentation of course material - innovative approaches that gives meaning and brings information to life

Fun learning environment

We believe you learn the most when you’re having fun. Our curriculum is as fun as it is varied, as it is cutting edge.

Student support

Our student support is second to none; at every training weekend we have dedicated members of our team on hand to offer support and guidance for your learning journey. We also offer homeopathic support when needed and advise all students to seek a good homeopath to work with as the study deepens.

Classical and contemporary training

Our course brings new understanding to classical homeopathy and uses the old wisdom to bring understanding to today’s methods of prescribing.

Student clinics

Student Group Clinics create an incredibly powerful and supportive learning environment. They are lead by experienced practitioners who facilitate the group discussion of the day’s cases. Besides that, they are frequently great fun.

Flexibility - Learn in your way

We employ a compassionate teaching model that monitors your progress in respect to individual learning styles. You might learn best by  listening, reading, writing,  observing or experiencing by doing. We all have a personal preference. We’ll help you find the way that suits you best and use this as a measure of your success.
Which really means if writing is not your preference we won’t set lots of written tests and make that your main benchmark for success.
It might also mean we’ll provide extra support when you write up your graduation cases.
It doesn’t mean we’ll let you off the hook. We have standards to uphold. But we’ll support you in reaching them.

Comprehensive curriculum

We’ve created a dynamic program that includes more than homeopathy. Many healing systems recognise the energetic nature of human beings and we look into useful aspects of Chinese medicine, the eastern and western chakra system and much more. We also look into the physical with nutrition and more body based treatments.

Groundbreaking course material

We provide a framework for you to understand all aspects of homeopathy in relation to the multidimensional nature of a human being; the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. We look at some of the esoteric and eastern philosophies relevant to prescribing for today’s times.

Come Join In The Wonder - The Homeopathy College

“The Homeopathy College changed my life. They gave me a new vista on life and now I look and feel 20 years younger and have the skills to help others do the same. I have a new life of health, energy, radiance and the joy to pass it on.”

Adele McVeigh (Graduate)