About our college

From inspirational beginnings

Robert Davidson and Martin Miles established the College of Homeopathy in 1977 and began taking students in 1978. It was the first school of homeopathy teaching lay homeopaths. Robert then went on to set up the College of Practical Homeopathy in Birmingham in 1988 and then London and Iceland. In 2007, the college changed its name to The Homepathy College and its new principle, Christopher Hammond runs the college in the same maverick manner in which it was established.

Helping you build a successful practice

Here from beginning to end

Kelda White

“I’m reaching the end of my fourth year now and am more and more impressed with the training at this college. The teaching we receive, the confidence we are given and the skills we learn really are setting us up to be effective, self-assured practitioners”

Kelda White – whilst a student at THC