Meet The Team


Our teaching faculty hold the same intention in mind:

To provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand education studying homeopathic principals in a heart-felt, safe and nurturing enironment. Simply, we aim to help you become great homeopaths who want to move homeopathy forward and embrace new prescribing strategies suited for todays times.




Meet Chris

Homeopathy came knocking on my door many years ago and has been a very big part of my life ever since. It took my career away from becoming a G.P. and into the holistic field, hook, line and sinker. I fell in love with it; it felt like coming home.

I became Principal. when David Howell retired in 2008 and in this role, it is my privilege to see people grow; it’s why I’m here.



Meet Robert

Robert has held the role of Vice Principal since 2008 and has much practice in facilitating homeopathic training. He has worked as course developer at the Lakeland College, Clinical Supervisor at the North West College of Homoeopathy in Manchester and as Principle at CPH in Birmingham.

He has an honours degree in chemistry and trained at The School of Homoeopathy, Devon in 1980. He has built successful practices in Lancaster and Preston and taught extensively over many years at Colleges throughout the country. He has moved back to the UK after several years of providing retreats in France.



Meet Bob

At the ‘tender’ age of 23, Bob became a Spiritual Healer, which has translated into Reiki and Bob becoming a Reiki Master.

Besides running an HIV clinic in Liverpool for 14 years, he has been involved with guiding students on their ‘inner journey’ for over 50 years. He readily agrees that the best spiritual gift we have is a sense of humour and fun!

A keen sports person, Bob still plays tennis at the ‘ripe old age’ of 73 and he does it all on marmalade sandwiches!

Inspiring great homeopaths



Meet Kelda

Kelda was inspired to study homeopathy after experiencing how wonderful, effective and life expanding it can be.

A mother of small children, she runs the Malvern Natural Parenting Group (part of the Arnica group) and works with Orchid Essences.

She studied at The Homeopathy College, gained experience in Mumbai and now has her practice in Malvern. Kelda took what we had to offer and just ran with it!



Meet Dawn

Dawn’s experience in the miracles of homeopathy began in 1986 with the treatment of her baby son which inspired her to study more.After graduating from this college Dawn established a therapy centre in Bakewell and successfully ran it for 10 years.

Dawn’s love affair with homeopathy remains fresh and is enhanced by working as a volunteer for The Travelling Homeopaths Collective at various music festivals including Glastonbury where she continues to witness the miracle of the minimum dose in acute situations.



Meet Jerome

Jerome has been enthusiastically involved in homoeopathy since the early 1970’s. He was a student of Dr Thomas Maughan and a member of his South London Group from which emerged the early founders of contemporary homoeopathic education.

Jerome is the holder of the history of homeopathy in the UK as he has been involved in or has witnessed first hand all the major groups, organisations, committees etc that have influenced the shape of homeopathy today. His shared insights at the college are priceless.



Meet Trevor

Trevor in an international lecturer and author of authoritative books on vaccinations. Graduate in Medical Biochemistry, he lectures on homeopathy and immunisation abroad and in the UK, in colleges, on National TV and Radio.

Trevor developed a Brighton Natural Health and Fitness Spa: A centre for the fusion of physical fitness, mental and emotional health with holistic therapies. He practices and continues to write in Brighton.



Meet Len

Len has been practising for 15 years in Greenwich, London and the Midlands and has worked to make homeopathic treatment available on the internet.

Len has developed a substantial understanding of licensing and public safety requirements as well as experience in budgeting, employment law and marketing from his years in the Arts in the role of Theatre Director. The students find this an invaluable resource.



Meet Paul

Paul loves to explore and has an insatiable desire to learn and to use that learning in the service to humanity and the planet.

Along with Bob Wooler, he helped run an HIV/AIDS Clinic in Liverpool for 14 years. Having experienced major life / career changes, he deeply understands the power of transformation and facilitates that process in others, enabling them to follow their own bliss and thereby enhance the quality of their lives.