London Courses Postponed

With regret all our London workshops and training course have been postponed due to our lead teacher being seriously injured in a car accident in April.
We will resume later in 2018 when she has recovered.
Please note that at present, apart from the homeopathy workshops we are running in Birmingham [Click Here], the web site is for information only.

Weekend Taster Course

Intrigued by homeopathy?

This workshop is a joyful invitation to explore the magic of homeopathy, to see the world through different eyes and awaken a greater trust in yourself and the natural world that supports health and wellbeing.

  • Perhaps you have tried homeopathy and want to know more. Maybe you want to know about its practical application and how to prescribe for your family and friends.
  • We cover the basic Principles of homeopathy.
  • The day is designed for every type of learner and we deconstruct and simplify the principals and practice of homeopathy using playful metaphors as a shortcut to understanding.
  • Remedies are like mirrors, reflecting back to us what makes us sick. We'll help you question the meaning of health and dis-ease; with curiosity and good humour we’ll find the answers together.
  • We will give you a taste of the way we teach - learning with one foot in science and one foot in Spirit …..
  • …. and we will have a lot of fun.

Date of Sunday workshop:  11 June 2017

Times:  10 am to 5.00 pm

Venue:  Violet Hill Studios, Violet HIll, St John's Wood, London NW8 9EB

Cost: £TBA

Booking:  Please download and complete the Booking Form
Booking Form
and email it to [email protected]  
You will be sent payment details and your place will be confirmed once payment is received.

Considering enrolling for the Professional Practitioner Training Course?

The Introductory Weekend is also a taster for the 4-year Homeopathic Professional Practitioner Training Course offered at The Homeopathy College. We recommend you come and try us out on this weekend course first so you can tell if this is what you are looking for ... or not. We want you to find what is right for you.

The course is a revolutionary new way of teaching homeopathy with a strong bias to develop intuitive homeopathic prescribers using right brain, fun, experiential, embodied learning.

The 4 year practioner training program is an inspiring exploration of:

  • The spiritual and physical fundamentals of homeopathic principals
  • The body from Western, Eastern and esoteric perspectives
  • How the body speaks the mind and the meaning of pathology
  • Western Chakra system and its meaning for modern living
  • Karmic astrology and its application in homeopathic practice
  • A new way of prescribing - Define the opportunity for growth and learn what remedies they need for the journey
  • Trauma; how to recognise it and empower patients to heal
  • Learning to prescribe compassionately using a 3-dimensional understanding of remedy pictures to help patients set themselves free
  • Case-based learning instead of ‘testing’

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