London Courses Postponed

With regret all our London workshops and training course have been postponed due to our lead teacher being seriously injured in a car accident in April.
We will resume later in 2018 when she has recovered.
Please note that at present, apart from the homeopathy workshops we are running in Birmingham [Click Here], the web site is for information only.

New Practitioner Training Course Starts Autumn 2017 in London

Passion To Take Flight - The Homeopathy College

Foundation Year

The first year of this professional training course is also a foundation year; an introduction to equip you to treat simple conditions at home with family and friends besides giving you a solid grounding in the basics of the subject.

  • Start your journey at your own pace and in your own way
  • Build trust and safety to create a nurturing environment for your growth
  • Begin to explore the nature of a human being in health and disease
  • Use innovative ways to provide a solid grounding in the basics of homeopathy, its principles and common remedies

Foundation Year Welcome Handshake

  • Support you to use homeopathy and discover its magic for yourself and your family
  • Help you to treat simple conditions
  • Learning about Energy in health and dis-ease
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Years 2-4 

During years 2 to 4 the journey continues to explore the energetic nature of homeopathy and life through:

  • Learning how to deeply listen and connect - both to the other and to yourself
  • Understanding the messages of the body - it always tells us the truth
  • Keeping it simple - learning what to treat first
  • Realising why and how some people get sick and others don’t - inheritance, karma and miasms
  • Discovering other different ways that energy flows get stuck leading to disease
  • How the body reacts in what we call disease
  • Extending your knowledge of treating the person (Classical homeopathy)
  • Exploring different methods or ways of using homeopathy to release energy, support healing and let the light shine
  • Making sense of the journey back to health - the law of cure in action
  • Other useful tools to assist healing
  • Growing your own health
  • Lots of our teaching is based around cases - yours, ours, the clinics ......

One of the key lessons is learning how to see the wood for the trees. Then homeopathy is indeed simple, safe and fun. One of the best places to discover this is in clinic.

Exploring the journey of life...

“I look back on the past four years and I am extremely proud of what I have achieved whilst being part of this college. The course and college have challenged me, supported me, inspired me and helped me to move forward in a very positive way. Even though I have now finished I know they are still there for me and I hope to be involved with the college in the future. Thank you.”

Helen Clayton (Graduate 2008)

Student clinic

Study Clinic Teamwork

Student Group Clinics were pioneered by the Homeopaths who founded this college. They have proved to be the single most important and successful teaching resource.
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Study time

Study time varies enormously between students according to their needs, desires and capacities. We suggest around 10 hours a week.
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“I was so impressed by the training that I received at the college. I have yet to meet another homeopath who has received such rounded experience and confidence in the work as I received.”

Tricia St Clair (Graduate)



We believe that the most effective way to evaluate Homeopathy is by what it does - by the results it achieves. Our training focuses on the value of what works in practice in practical application.

3 Rules of prescribing

Believe you can help


It’s absolutely pointless going into your surgery believing you can’t help your patients, no matter how difficult you think their cases are. They are coming to see you. Not somebody else. That means YOU can help.

Believe your patient will tell you what you need to know


Concentrate on listening – by believing your patient will tell you what you need to know to prescribe well, you have more energy to pick up on details. Sometimes they won’t say anything at all – and that in itself tells you the prescription; the suppression of Carcinosin.

Trust your prescription


The intention you put into your prescription matters, sometimes more than the remedy choice itself. A slightly wrong remedy with a right intention can still do a lot of good. Whereas a poor prescription given from a mind that’s full of doubt, fails to cure.


In most homeopathy courses, the structure moulds the students to its model.  We mould the course around our students.  We’ll teach you the classics but on your own terms.

5 Top skills to succeed

Good listening skills


Listening is by far the greatest skill a good homeopath needs to succeed. If your patient feels they have been listened to in a safe environment then much healing can take place by this alone.
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An inquisitive mind


Along with listening there is also the need to ask the right questions, at the right time. This might mean reading between the lines and enjoying the investigation of unlocking a complex case.



Empathy is very different to sympathy. From empathy you can prescribe with compassion, from a place of sympathy you are so dragged into your patient’s story that clarity is lost and your opinion, not your remedies will be the thing you prescribe.

Remedy understanding


A grounded understanding of remedies both new and old At THC we believe you need more than an outline understanding of remedy pictures, and so provide you with a deep understanding of what the remedies will do from a physical, mental/emotional, esoteric and chakra prescribing perspective.

The mind/body/emotion connection


Along with a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology you will also have a deep understanding of the meaning of illnesses and what the body is trying to tell you. Someone with repeated cystitis might be speaking of feeling ‘pissed’ off with someone.