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Which miasm’s eating you?

At last, miasms explained, simply...

The masters in homoeopathy say that once you understand miasms, your worldview changes. But, what is a miasm and why does it change things?


A brief overview

A miasm is an underlying disease pattern which when awakened in the body/energy system can imbalance the mind and emotions, contribute to physical disease and misdirect ones life path.

In 1828, Hahnemann published his thoughts on the biggest obstacle to cure a “miasm”.  The word miasm means a cloud or fog in the being.  It is not a disease state manifest in the physical, but the ghost of the disease state still rampant in the energy system.

A miasm is a chronic illness with its own predictable patterns of dis-ease with one significant difference... it rarely has physical symptoms, or at least not symptoms an allopathic doctor would diagnose, and so is never acknowledged and therefore treated.

Just imagine you have a head cold with no mucous, people would think you strange to be so lethargic and ‘out of it’. But that is a miasm, a disease without physical symptoms.

Inherited disease influencers – Individuality of choice

Most people are aware of their predisposition to certain illnesses (or miasmatic inheritance) that run in the family; e.g. heart disease, diabetes, mental health issues or cancer and those with self-awareness adopt healthy lifestyle choices as a way to try and prevent future dis-ease diagnoses. Sometimes these can be radical choices, like opting for a double mastectomy to try and prevent breast cancer. But trying to change these influencers merely on the physical plane misses the miasm’s much deeper influence in our lives.

Miasms live in the space between the two worlds of energy and matter and their far-reaching tendrils influence our thoughts, our intentions, our life choices and the physical way in which we tell the stories of our lives. They are by far the greatest, unseen energetic influence in the progression of humanity and individual choice.

Indeed, our lives are coloured and influenced by what we inherit miasmatically and how we creatively progress through these challenges; the limitations of Psora, the excess of Sycosis, the destruction of Syphilism, the impulsiveness of Tubercular, the suppression and fear indicative of Cancer, and the isolation and destitution of Leprosy. These influencers eventually mark our life-achievement or lack thereof. Were we able to finish our creative task or were we distracted? Could we find the boundaries to say ‘No’ or was our life lived for others? Did we discover our true selves or live within the confines of another’s opinion? These are all questions brought up by our miasmatic inherited influence.

Maps of understanding – Past patterns of behaviour

Without the knowledge of the six miasms or more accurately, disease patterns, homeopaths would be incapable of discerning the true nature of the person sat in front of them. Homeopaths would find it difficult to uncover the real aetiology in a case and be prevented from healing the sick and bringing about a cure. Our efforts would be reduced to treating physical symptoms – the superficial condition only seen by the allopath, without any ability to discern what lies deeper in the system and what really makes us susceptible to certain diseases.

By understanding these patterns of influence the homeopath is able to guide their patient out of the mire of the particular miasm and into new, healthier patterns of behaviour.

Awakening the dragon – And taming it

These disease patterns are there to help us find health once again. For they are awakened and arise whenever we make choices or think thoughts, which take us off our true path. If we stay in harmony and unchallenged by life our miasmatic history can lay dormant and the dragon is asleep. But once these dragons are awakened they are desperate to keep their talons of influence in the body of the individual.

Major trauma or minor illnesses can awaken the sleeping dragon… and everyone at one stage of their lives will activate the dragon.  Matching the energy of this miasmatic influence with a greater yet similar energy affords great relief from suffering and the possibility to tame the dragon and change disease patterns to form healthier habits of thought and action.


Signposts to change – Healing dis-ease

Dis-ease is simply an outward expression in the body of an inner imbalance. If instigated unconsciously, the natural route of the imbalance dictates that the body will eventually express the mind and indeed everything must be expressed, sooner or later, consciously through the mouth, or unconsciously through the body.

For instance one person may express grief as tears, while another expresses it as heart failure. One person might express despair as loss of hair or vision, while another might express it through suicide or cancer. The way in which we tell our stories can be defined by the influence of our miasmatic predisposition. It is in the telling of these stories through body or mind that gives us the potential to eliminate distorted thought processes caused by old, out-dated disease patterns.

Many people are shocked to be diagnosed with dis-eases they feel they had no part in creating, unaware that they are telling the story of their lives in thought and energy and intention long before the physical world sees its manifestation and expression. Even if that expression is a terminal illness. Understanding the miasms allows the homeopath to see their patient’s role and influence in the creation of dis-ease and how for some patients creating physical pathology is the only way they feel they can safely express themselves.

The journey home – Spiritual advancement

The 6 main miasms relate to a chronic illness:

Psoric miasm - Scabies, Sycotic miasm - Gonorrhoea, Syphilitic miasm - Syphilis, Cancer miasm - Cancer, Tubercular - TB, Leprosy miasm - Leprosy. 

Each miasm has an influence like a sign post in our life, popping up to highlight our course and to help us see when we are going astray.

The psoric miasm as a lesson: obliges us to come to terms with our limitations; though not to feel the restrictions of life but its innate structure and support.

The sycotic miasm as a lesson: obliges us to make the choice of whether to become subservient to another energy (either human, institutional or spiritual), and to avoid giving away our life force to another’s influence or keeping. It is also about overcoming the desire to gain with no regard for the consequences.

The tubercular miasm as a lesson: forces us to make the choice between exploration for its own sake and discovering that which is necessary to one’s own existence.

The leprosy miasm as a lesson: shows us the futility of isolation from the rest of humanity; that clustering in groups of similarly wounded souls only serves to perpetuate the reasons for being outcast.

The cancer miasm as a lesson: offers us the ultimate choice of accepting change as a positive force or of living in a state of complete statis induced by the fear of change as an inevitable negative influence.

The syphilitic miasm as a lesson: gives us the choice to destroy self or to use its power as a way to destroy that, which is not needed. It offers the starkest choice – the darkness or the enlightenment. Syphilism is the right of passage it is when we choose to move forward in our own right whatever the difficulties and handicaps. If the warnings are not heard all miasms will lead here. To be reborn into consciousness requires destruction of the old patterns and negative habits.

Did you work out which miasm is eating you?