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Living to survive...


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“My life is on repeat, every day. This area is surrounded by water, but my village has no access, so every morning I make a two-hour trek to the glacier so we have something to drink. During the day I work to maintain this road. I get £63 a month. In the winter, I make daily trips to cut wood so we can stay warm. I can’t leave this land because it’s all I have. There is no happiness or sadness in my life. Only survival.”  – (Passu, Pakistan)

The Psoric miasm

The psoric miasm forces us to reflect on the basics of life. In the West, many of us have the luxury of choosing our path in life, but for some, we may have forgotten how hard times have been before us.  In times gone by our ancestor’s dissatisfaction at life was left unregistered in their fight for survival; the loss of loved ones during the war was pushed down in an effort to carry on and be strong for the children, or a bad marriage was sustained for fear of financial destitution.

As a homeopath it is quite common to treat a patient who is laden with family karma – unresolved issues left buried in the past that need resolution through the bloodline. For the patient’s ancestors there was not the time or ability to deal with life’s trauma in the moment and so quite literally the trauma was passed down to the offspring like a never-ending chain until someone was able to process and resolve it.

Fortunately there are many ‘new’ remedies that afford our patients relief from the past. Remedies such as Ayahuasca help to clear the female ancestral energy and acts as the “spiritual umbilicus”. It can forge links not only between people (relatives/loved ones) but also between a patient and his past self or a past ancestor. It allows unhealthy relationships to be resolved and can help transform the energetic bond between mother and child.

Ayahuasca is a great remedy for grief that has been left unexpressed, often for generations and because of this the patient may arrive at your door with profound grief but no idea as to why their heart feels so heavy. Understanding past generations and their suppressive behavior fueled by a need to survive helps you, the practitioner to investigate and prescribe well to unlock a complicated case.

At THC we support the teaching of classical homeopathy with grounded understanding of the new remedies prescribed for today’s times.

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Sycotic miasm

Everything you know about addiction is wrong


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The Syphilitic miasm

The Syphilitic miasm forces us to decide what to destroy and what to take with us for the journey of life. Before every great rebirth there is destruction, but if we become gripped in the delusion of the syphilitic miasm we run the risk of destroying the self instead of the negative aspects of self and its habits.

In his video Johann Harri accurately describes the journey home when we have taken a detour via the negative aspect of the syphilitic miasm. This miasm is a lonely affair, indeed its grip is worsened by isolation and its core delusion is that we are alone in the world – and in that aloneness life is not worth living. Because of this delusion there is often an intense fear of being alone, made worse by the dreadful feeling that something bad is going to happen… and with the syphilitic miasm at play something might.

Addictions and accidents, especially car accidents, bangs to the head and physical abuse are all outward signs of this miasm at play. When Johann Harri in this video explains that “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” he is showing the way out of the syphilitic miasm.

People under its influence may find themselves in abusive relationships, like Amy Winehouse, or being manipulated into wasting their focused direction by someone under the influence of the sycotic miasm. There is a doubt in one’s self and one’s abilities, self-hate, self-deprivation, low self-esteem, guilt, unworthiness and an attraction to events and people that delay life’s natural progress. Tracy Emin illustrated the miasm well with her work entitled “Something’s wrong”.

Because of this, the syphilitic miasm often feels like a shadow looming behind oneself that might prey on the soul at any time. Its dark cloud can bring on depression, feelings of suicide and a need to destroy anything in its path, including the self.

Deep constitutional prescribing will allow those under the influence of the syphilitic miasm to find their light in the darkness. For the shadow is the illusion–and from much darkness comes the greatest light. Compassion for self and an opening of the heart is the way home and brings freedom from the negative aspects of the miasm. There is much love in this lesson and much joy to be shared with others.

In this, the syphilitic miasm gives us the choice to destroy self or to use its power to destroy the stories that are no longer needed. Just like the solution to the problem of addiction is to reconnect those isolated to others, so the syphilitic miasm asks us to reconnect with our true self and to bring that love back to share with others. The power of deep connection to others and thus ourselves allows us to see the lie and to kill it–to destroy the illusion, the imagined handicaps and difficulties that went with believing the limiting story and to bring us back into healthy patterns of behavior.

It is to be reborn into a new consciousness and way of being, destroying the old patterns and negative habits that held us back. It is to move forward as our empowered self with an open heart.

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The Power of vulnerability


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The Sycotic miasm

The focus of the sycotic miasm is shame, guilt and a profound feeling of worthlessness. These feelings lead to a desire to gain but with no regard for the consequences. People under the influence of the sycotic miasm may attract material wealth or seek it for comfort and find it difficult to commit to one thing. As a consequence they need two of everything; two cars, two houses, and two lovers. Anything to diffuse the energy into many different places and in doing so limit the risk of loss. This is a compensenation for the feelings of the Psoric miasm which feels like it doesn’t have enough.

The proportion of participants in the research that believed they were worthy of love and belonging were probably not the remedy picture Medorrhinum Medorrhinum is a deeply sycotic remedy prepared from urethral discharge from a male patient who has gonorrhea.

Because Medorrhinum types are under the grip of the sycotic miasm, they feel deeply unworthy of love, the idea of revealing ones true self, of being vulnerable and seen is too horrifying to contemplate. They decide to hide. The mask is firmly in place.

And so the sycotic miasm continues to deepen its influence in the psyche – to repeat the stories of not being good enough, smart enough, funny enough, personable enough and encourages the idea they can not cope on their own in the world. With this feeling of not being enough, self-confidence wanes, doubt grows and with it, the dependence on another, be it a person, a commodity, an institution, or a religion–anything to prop up what feels like a crumbling self.

Of course this is all illusion – the miasm in its negative state of play is calling the shots. But as with most people who feel they are not enough, the Medorrhinum type will search outside of them for proof to the contrary–they will gain qualifications, study new possibilities of career path, go on one self-development course after another all in an attempt to balance the status quo.

Deep constitutional prescribing will allow them to seek another truth. For the answer to finding the truth does not lie outside them, or in another, but in the darkest places left unseen – where the light is shone, shame dies.

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Owning your duality


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How to be a fly on the wall

As a homeopath you will be asked to hold many things in duality at the same time–you might listen to a mother who aborted her baby or the gay man who is addicted to sex with men, but is still married to his wife, or the housewife having an affair with her husband’s brother. The point is, you are the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ that hears it all. Your job is not to judge it. Your job will be to hear it.

The question is, are you ready? Are you ready to listen to it? To hear what is said without judgment? To reflect back what they have said without distorting their words or adding your opinion. Are you ready?

As the homeopath you are the first mirror they will see that reflects an aspect of their life situation. Your reflection can help them heal themselves and make the most depraved stories seem surmountable or it can bring them down in flames of judgment, horror or shock.

At THC we encourage your individuality. We help you to grow as a person, as a healer and a human being. Through compassion, empathy and human interaction we help you to hold in duality the many complexities of life.

The power of healing


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How can a healthy mind heal?

This video opens up lots of questions and new ways of seeing health and healing. What do you think? Does the body have a vital force which can, on its own, effect its healing?

In homeopathy we believe it does.