Did you choose homeopathy?
or did homeopathy choose you?

For many people the question itself is enough to give rise to reflection on their journey so far.  For some, homeopathy was a calling, a way of being in service to the world and a vocation, for others, homeopathy cured an illness or brought relief to an emotional imbalance or trauma that others couldn’t touch.

What’s your definition of Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a medical philosophy and practice based on the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself.


For the skeptic ..... Homeopathy is a lot of nonsense, where water has a memory and it’s diluted into sugar pills. Homeopathy uses the placebo effect to generate a cure. Although these beliefs are strongly held by some, we’ve no idea how cats understand this when they fully recover using homeopathy – surely they don’t know about the placebo effect?


For those who jumped ship from new medical science (AKA allopathic medicine) ..... Homeopathy is a reliable form of medicine, which allows the patient to be responsible for their own health and healing, assisted by the homeopathic remedies that match their pre-existing conditions, using like to cure like.


For mothers who ‘knew’ the other medicines didn’t feel right ..... Homeopathy is a safe alternative that works like magic. Allowing a child to feel better in an instant or fall fast asleep and wake up better. Even long drawn out illnesses, seem easier to treat, as there’s a remedy for everything including whining, clingy children that cry incessantly for ‘mummy’.


For the spiritually enlightened ..... Homeopathy is an ancient medicine that allows humans the ability to see the world in a balanced way, devoid of story, trauma and its associated emotions so new lessons of being can be learnt and higher consciousness gained.


Which miasm’s eating you?

The masters in homoeopathy say that once you understand miasms, your worldview changes. But what is a miasm and why does it change things?

A brief overview

A miasm is an underlying disease pattern which when awakened in the body-mind-energy system can imbalance the mind and emotions, contribute to physical disease and misdirect ones life path.

In 1828 Hahnemann published his thoughts on the biggest obstacle to cure - a “miasm”.  The word miasm means a cloud or fog in the being.  It is not a disease state manifest in the physical but the ghost of the disease state still rampant in the energy system.

A miasm is a chronic illness with its own predictable patterns of dis-ease with one significant difference ..... it rarely has physical symptoms, or at least not symptoms an allopathic doctor would diagnose, and so is never acknowledged and therefore treated.

Just imagine you have a head cold with no snot, people would think you strange to be so lethargic and ‘out of it’. That is a miasm, a disease without physical symptoms.

Inherited disease influencers –
Individuality of choice

Most people are aware of their predisposition to certain illnesses (or miasmatic inheritance) that run in the family; e.g. heart disease, diabetes, mental health issues or cancer and those with self-awareness adopt healthy lifestyle choices as a way to try and prevent the future development of dis-ease processes.

Sometimes these can be radical choices, like opting for a double mastectomy to try and prevent breast cancer. But trying to change these influencers merely on the physical plane misses the miasm’s much deeper influence in our lives.

Indeed, our lives are coloured and influenced by what we inherit miasmatically and how we creatively progress through these challenges; the limitations of Psora, the excess of Sycosis, the destruction of Syphilis, the impulsiveness of Tubercular, the suppression and fear indicative of Cancer miasm and the isolation and destitution of Leprosy. These influencers eventually mark our life-achievement or lack thereof. Were we able to finish our creative task or were we distracted?

Could we find the boundaries to say ‘No’ or was our life lived for others? Did we discover our true selves or live within the confines of another’s opinion? These are all questions brought up by our miasmatic inherited influence.

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How many times do you give the same piece of advice before you realise it’s for you?

The trick of any experienced homeopath is knowing when you’re speaking to your patients and when you’re essentially talking to yourself ..... and when, of course, you’re talking to both people at the same time.

Living to survive...

The Psoric miasm

The psoric miasm forces us to reflect on the basics of life. In the West, many of us have the luxury of choosing our path in life, but for some, we may have forgotten how hard times have been before us. 

In times gone by our ancestor’s dissatisfaction at life was left unregistered in their fight for survival; the loss of loved ones during the war was pushed down in an effort to carry on and be strong for the children, or a bad marriage was sustained for fear of financial destitution.

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Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

The Syphilitic miasm

The Syphilitic miasm forces us to decide what to destroy and what to take with us for the journey of life. Before every great rebirth there is destruction, but if we become gripped in the delusion of the syphilitic miasm we run the risk of destroying the self instead of the negative aspects of self and its habits.

In his video Johann Harri accurately describes the journey home when we have taken a detour via the negative aspect of the syphilitic miasm.

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The power of vulnerability

The Sycotic miasm

The focus of the sycotic miasm is shame, guilt and a profound feeling of worthlessness. These feelings lead to a desire to gain but with no regard for the consequences. People under the influence of the sycotic miasm may attract material wealth or seek it for comfort and find it difficult to commit to one thing. As a consequence they need two of everything; two cars, two houses, and two lovers. Anything to diffuse the energy into many different places and in doing so limit the risk of loss. This is a compensenation for the feelings of the Psoric miasm which feels like it doesn’t have enough.

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The sound of silence...

One could be forgiven for believing that the ability to listen is a universal skill, something we all possess. After all, how hard could it be for us to be still and pay someone else our undivided attention – to give our time and patience to another human being? But sadly this isn’t true. How many times have you begun talking only to be interrupted with another’s story that rivals your own, or have someone interject and ask how you can reverse what you’re saying into a more positive emotion, oftentimes before you’ve even had the chance to complete your sentence.

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Owning your duality

How to be a fly on the wall

As a homeopath you will be asked to hold many things in duality at the same time–you might listen to a mother who aborted her baby or the gay man who is addicted to sex with men, but is still married to his wife, or the housewife having an affair with her husband’s brother. The point is, you are the proverbial ‘fly on the wall’ that hears it all. Your job is not to judge it. Your job will be to hear it.

The question is, are you ready?

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The power of healing

How can a healthy mind heal?

This video opens up lots of questions and new ways of seeing health and healing. What do you think? Does the body have a vital force which can, on its own, effect its healing?

In homeopathy we believe it does.

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